Lost Wishes Help Files


   When you are at a port, you can callship to bring your ship to you. 
    This is provided your ship isn't already in the game somewhere.

  Lets you board a boat.

  Eg: Say you have a battleship named, the titanic. There are two
      ways to board this ship:
       board battleship  /   board the titanic

  With this command, you sail the ocean looking for islands. You sail
  toward  at whatever speed you set you boat at.

  Eg: sail 100,-100  <--This will sail you to coordinates 100,-100

speed #
  You can set your speed between 1 and TopSpeed. Low speeds are good for
  exploring the ocean for new and hidden islands.

private    -  (list,add,remove,on,off);(name)
  This command can only be used by the owner of the ship. If you choose
  to make your ship private, only people you add to the private list can
  board the boat.

anchor   - Stops the boat if it is sailing.
exit     - Drops you off if you are at a dock.
show     - Shows you your current co-ordinates.
view     - Shows you ports and other boats that are within a few
           coordinates of your current location.
boatname - You can give your boat a name.

Boats        TopSpeed   Passengers   Capacity   *Cost                    

Skiff            2          2           2         200   (  5000)
Ketch            4          4           6         400   ( 15000)
Wavejumper      10          3           4        10000   (100000)
Battleship       5         10          30           -   (150000)
Schooner        15          2           3           -   (500000)

Passengers refers to the amount of people, including yourself, that can
ride on the given boat. Capacity is the number of objects that can be
placed in the boat without falling overboard into the ocean.

* - The cost of a temporary ship(for that login), is the listed cost
    in platinum pieces.
* - The cost for a permanent ship, in platinum pieces, is listed in
* - All prices are "base prices", which are affected by your charisma.

Note: When upgrading from one permanent boat to another,
be sure to abandon the current one before purchasing the new one.

To see a list of directions to boat selling shops: help shops