Lost Wishes Help Files

Lost Wishes Clans
Clans are created by a person or group of persons who wish to form
an alliance. Clans provide an extra channel, an extra bank account,
and a chance to build a clanbase. They, at present, have absolutely
nothing to do with PK or player killing. 

Clan features
Features such as clan poses and co-leader rank may be purchased at
the main Clan Headquarters on Central. There's also a discussion
board there, where anyone can discuss clan issues, post ideas or
see recent clan changes.

A basic clanbase costs 100k platinum and includes an entrance object
(a castle, cave, house, etc) and 1 room. Once you have a clanbase
you can customize the room descriptions and items, as well as add
more rooms. You can also purchase additional items for your clan base,
such as a shop, a newsboard, guards and more. To see what is available
for your clanbase (as well as the prices), enter any room and type

You may pick the location for your clan base, but it can not be too
close to a town or main road. The location you request will be looked
at, and it will be decided if you can build there.

To request a clan base be set up for your clan, go to the shop at Clan
Headquarters on Central and purchase the request form. Once you have the
form, simply fill it out in the room where you would like the entrance to
the clanbase. You MUST purchase this form (and thereby pay for the base
upfront), if you want a clan base. Also note that wizards still must
code and approve your clan base, so it will take some time after you
submit your request before you actually get the base.

Questions on the form: short description of entrance object (REQUIRED)
                       long description of entrance object (REQUIRED)
                       command to enter the base (OPTIONAL)
                       item descriptions for the base (OPTIONAL)

Clan shops
You can purchase a clan shop to go into your clan base. (You must first
own a clan base.) The commands of the shop for members of the clan are:
add, reclaim, shopstats. The general commands for the shop are: list, buy.

See also: help clan