Lost Wishes Help Files


Combat is one of the primary ways to gain experience, money and
items on Lost Wishes. You will find that through combat you will 
gain a wide variety of experience, from increasing your wskills to
increasing your level.

Before entering combat be sure to 'wield ' and 'wear .'
It is also advisable that you 'consider ' so that you
have an idea of how powerful your foe is compared to you - BEFORE you

Certain races have abilities that can be used while in combat, for
more information on these abilities, please see 'help .'

consider       Gives an estimate of how tough a creature is.
kill           Start combat.
assist          Assist a friend in attacking a monster [parties only].
wimpy <% number>        Set the percentage of your hp that you'll flee at.
wimpydir           Set the direction you'll flee in.
get all from corpse     Loots the corpse.
sacrifice corpse        Sacrifices the corpse to your deity. ('help gods')