Lost Wishes Help Files

The following commands are available. Type "help " to learn what
they all do. There are many many more commands, you can see a complete
list in the commands section of the Lost Wishes MUD help system.

  brief, close, drop, exits, give, go, inventory, knock, lock, look, open,
  party, pick, put, quests, score, search, sneak, steal, unlock

  adverbs, converse, comm, chat, emote, emoteto, ignore, reply, say, shout,
  socials, tell, whisper, wizcall, wreply, yell

  autohp, equip, flee, hp, hprep, kill, unwield, wear, wield, wimpy,
  wimpydir, skills, wskills, compare

  alias, do, history, inactive, nickname, to, unalias, unnickname

bug, idea, typo, praise, finger, uptime, version, who, who2, cwho, ww,
swho, oldstats, renounced, terrainprof

  chfn, describe, passwd, save, set, suicide, undescribe, unset