Lost Wishes Help Files

On Lost Wishes, there are several different ways of communicating
with players and wizards. Depending on their relation to you and 
'privacy', you can select from the following ways to communicate.

When a player uses the say command, he or she sends out her message
to the entire room. For example:

Syntax: say 

When a player wishes to send a message to a specific user, he can use
the 'tell' command. With this, only those people listed in the command
will see the information. To send the same tell to multiple people,
one can simply separate the names with a comma.

Syntax: tell   OR tell , 
Also: If you receive a tell, you can simply type reply 
and your tell will be sent to the last person to message you.

Whisper allows a player to say something private to another
person within the same room. However, since others are in the
room and feasibly 'sentient', they will notice your whispering.

Syntax: whisper