Lost Wishes Help Files

We all know about your epic adventures on the mud, 
but if you could write your own adventure, or say,... commemorate to 'ink'
some of the adventures you've had,... what would you write? What would 
you do? Where would your travels take you? 

The rules are pretty simple:

1. The story is fantasy. It can take place within the realm of Lost Wishes or
in a realm of your own creation. 
2. Do NOT include any player or wizard characters except your own.
3. Absolutely NO plagiarism. 
4. Stories should be relatively short in length, maybe 1-15 pages in length, 
with anywhere in between or a little over being perfectly fine.

The bottom line? Tell us a good story.

There will be three main categories for the stories:
1) Players
2) Players for whom English isn't their primary language.
3) Wizards 
Top submissions from each category (except wizards) will be awarded
with bonus exp/gxp as well as a few other ~mysterious~ prizes!

Stories should be mailed to lwstorycontest@gmail.com

Remember to ADD YOUR PLAYER NAME(s) to the email so we know who

All entries should be sent in on/by January 15, 2009.