Lost Wishes Help Files

Traditional Currency of Lost Wishes
Lost Wishes has 4 main types of currency: platinum, gold, silver and
copper. You may use these types of currencies most places in the world, and
they are the only types of currency that the banks will deal with. These
currencies are interchangeable at local bank branches, and the exchange
rate is as follows:
    1 Platinum = 10 Gold = 100 Silver = 1000 Copper
    1 Gold = 10 Silver = 100 Copper
    1 Silver = 10 Copper

Non-Traditional Currency
In addition to the above, there are at least three types of non-traditional currency.
There is no set exchange rate for non-traditional currencies, and while
they will be stored in your body over reboots, you can not deposit them into
the banks.

Donat: are given when you donate real-life money to the mud. They are only
usable at the Donator Shop on Central. (See help donations)

Rhodium: are a special rare coin which is used to buy some of the more
valuable items or services in the game. They are usable at various
locations throughout the world.

Ceramic: are only available and usable in one area of the game. Where they
come from and where to spend them, however, is a secret.

See also: help banks and help bank