Lost Wishes Help Files

Donating/gifts to LW

If you donate you may get:
$5.00+  An autoloading "I helped save LW" t-shirt
$20.00+ An autoloading "Elite Donator Cap" Class I
For every additional $20.00 you donate, additional
features may be added.

For every dollar you donate, you may get one donat and
one hour of double experience.

What good is donat?
You can spend donats at the Donator's Shop on Central.
You can buy such features such as: 
Geo Location, Auto Cap Heal, Cap Reflect, a Race Changer,
Cap Transfer, Instant Capheal Recharge and a bunch of
other really cool stuff. It's well worth the trip.
See: help capfeatures

For additional information, please check out:
and make sure to read the disclaimer.

You can donate by Paypal or Moneybookers.

Paypal (www.paypal.com)
Go to the donations web page, or send money to mudadmin@gmail.com

Moneybookers (www.moneybookers.com)
Go to http://lost.wishes.net/donations/mb.html

All donations are final, no refunds!