Lost Wishes Help Files

Lost Wishes Games
Lost Wishes currently hosts several different games for your enjoyment.
They vary from puzzles, to hangman, to poker and offer a variety of prizes.


Puzzles can be found in the Armland Inn Lounge and in Esdragen Playground.
The puzzle a word search where the words are hidden left to right, up and down.
Successful completion of a puzzle gives the player a small bit of experience
as well as leads them to another, more challenging round. Your stats for this
game are kept on file and can be viewed any time you simply look at a puzzle.

try <word>                 Make a guess at a word.
reset puzzle


Hangman can be purchased from Armland's Toy Shop as well as received as a
gift from Santa. In this game, you simply guess different letters trying to
figure out an unknown word. If you solve the puzzle before the man is hung,
then your hps and sps are replenished by an amount relative to how many wrong
guesses you made.

start game                 Start playing hangman.
guess <letter>                

Lost Wishes also has a lottery every 3 days. Tickets can be purchased from
Eddie the Auctioneer on Nautica. If a drawing occurs and there is no winner,
all of the money goes towards the next drawing's pot. When a lucky winner is
drawn, all of the money will be transferred into his or her account, regardless
of what account class they have (help bank for further details).

Instant Scratch Off Tickets

Scratch off tickets can be bought from the Tobacco Emporium in New Avalon.
Each ticket gives a player 6 chances to match 3 of a kind for various
monetary prizes. To claim your ticket, you must return to Dolem and 'cash'
your ticket.

scratch ticket     Scratch off part of your ticket to see if you've matched anything.
scratch prize      Reveal your prize.
cash               Claim your prize from Dolem in Emerald's Tobacco Emporium.


The Lost Wishes Poker Game can be purchased from Armland's Toy Shop.
You are dealt 5 cards of which you can choose to hold anywhere between
none or all of them. If you choose to discard a card, it's replaced by
one from the deck. All prizes from poker are monetary.
The cards are ranked (from low to high) as follows:
Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King.

Commands for Poker:
bet <platinum amount>     To start a game, you can bet up to 1000 platinum.
hold <cards>              Specify which cards you want to hold.
play                      Play your hand.
For more information on poker, please see 'help poker' (Note:
this actually requires you to have a game in your possession to work.)


A trivia game can be started on the [game] channel by simply typing
'trivia start.' A series of 25 different questions will be asked,
ranging from various categories. To answer a question, simply state
it on the channel. Points will be awarded to whomever correctly
answers the question first.

Categories: trivia, trivia lw, math, disney, and christmas.

[game trivia start     Start the trivia game!
[game <answer>         Answer the question


Uno games can be purchased at the toy shop in Esdragen. It supports
2 to 4 players. The first player to reach 500 points wins the game.

Balloons Event

Balloons will be launched randomly on the domains, excluding Central.
If you find a balloon, you pop the balloon to get a prize ticket.
Then, you claim the ticket to get the prize. Uptime shows if a
balloons event is in progress and how many balloons are left.