Lost Wishes Help Files

Directions to LW Holidays
  holiday               directions
  -------               ----------
  Valentines            ftn, kiss statue
  St Patricks           (cn,cna,ftn,gms), climb rainbow
  Easter                cn, tunnel
  April Fools           ftn, portal
  May Fair              (cn,cna,ftn,gms), twirl ribbon
  Dragon Boat           cn, 9 w, sw, board paddle boat
                  OR    cna, 3 w, n, 5 w, 2 s, w, board paddle boat
  Halloween             cna, 3 w, 6 n, 2 w, 3 n
  Thanksgiving          ftn, tell pilgrim take me to the festival
                  OR    ftn, 7 w, s, board mayflower
  Sinterklaas           steamboat (various harbors), board steamboat
  Christmas             multiple areas
     Icelands               cna, drift tornado
     Mott's Toy Palace      ftn, doorway
     Santa's Workshop       gms, workshop
     Xmasisle               cna, drift tornado, portal