Lost Wishes Help Files

                Guild Leader (GL) Requirements                 

1) Login and play actively. (Not inactive for a month without a GOOD reason)

2) Has no more than one guild leadership at a time. (Alt chars may not hold one)

3) Provide Guild Master (GM) with feedback about changes/issues.

4) Available to other guild members for interaction. (Visible to guild members 
	and connected to the guild channel)

5) Provide help to new members, which can range from answering guild questions, 
	donating equipment to the guild box (where appropriate), and partying.

6) Provide a source of positive guild promotion, both in words and deeds.

7) Read the guild board regularly.

8) Abide by both the rules of LW and their guild's rules strictly. (Help Rules) 

9) Be polite to all fellow guild members. No bullying or harrassment.

10) Chosen by the Guild Master (GM).

11) May not have a wizard alt. 


%^B_Failure to abide by these requirements while GL will meet with loss of GL.