Lost Wishes Help Files

In loving memory of our departed players, there are memorials scattered
though the world to honor their memory. Each memorial is dedicated to a
specific player and contains information and tributes related to them. You
may visit these memorials to pay your respects and share your memories.

Memorials can be found in the following locations:

Player     Primary Guild    Domain     Directions
Burrow     Cleric           Central    Port of Central, w
Halok      Werewolf         Emerald    CNA, 10 e, n
Saga       Werewolf         Esdragen   GMS, 8 s, 3 w
Fungus     Mage             Esdragen   GMS, 2n
Thumpit    Wayfarer         Mainland   FTN, 9 e, 2 n
Lothar     Dragonspawn      Mainland   FTN, 8 s, 2 se, 8 e, se, 2 s, 2 e, n
Greenie    Gladiator        Nautica    Orca port - A Small Beach Landing