Lost Wishes Help Files

Inappropriate Names
Lost Wishes is a fantasy world and while role playing is not strictly enforced,
we prefer that you choose a name that is appropriate. Names such as: 'kingduff',
or 'suckmaster' are inappropriate for our world. Do not use titles in your name!
Do not use names that might cause confusion, such as the names of monsters on
Lost Wishes, or names that are very close to names of existing players.

Offensive Names
Names of players should not be offensive. Those who have picked offensive
names will be asked to recreate as a more appropriately named character.

Name Appearance on Channels
To embellish how one's name appears on channels: one would 'comm set
commname '.  (Your name must be part of that string).

Last Names
A last name can be set by using the 'lastname ' command.

Real Names
Your 'real name' is shown in finger, and can be changed with the 'chfn' command.

Your title is generally preset for you by your guild, and may change as you
accumulate guild levels. For the most part it is not something that you can
change, unless your guild grants you the ability.

Wizards can at any time request that you change your name/title if it is
not appropriate.

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