Lost Wishes Help Files

The best way to get started on Lost Wishes is by going through mudschool.
Here, you will not only gain levels and equipment, but also quest points
and a newbie transportation device. After mudschool, you can venture off
to any of the many newbie areas that fill the mud.

Upon reaching level 10 you may join a guild.
See 'help guilds' for further details.

Some useful commands:
  wield           Equip a weapon
  unwield         Unequip a weapon
  wear             Equip armor
  remove           Unequip armor
  l                       Look around in the room.
  score                   See your current level, stats and more.
  eq                      Shows what objects you have equipped.
  consider       Gives an estimate of how tough a creature is.
  kill           Start combat.
  wimpy <% number>        Set the percentage of your hp that you'll flee at.
  wimpydir           Set the direction you'll flee in.
  compare  to     Allows you to compare weapons/armor.
  help *

* - LW has a detailed help system for guilds and general issues.
    The help files are there for a reason!

Some helps with directions:
help docks, help shops, help churches, help newbieareas