Lost Wishes Help Files

Pets are companions that can aid adventurers in many ways. Through
special use they can be an extra set of hands for many adventurers.
Pets are able to assist their masters in attacking foes, hold items,
or perform other odd jobs their masters might require. A pet will 
follow her master forever. Should a pet die, it can be resurrected at
the nearest pet store for a fee.

As pets fight alongside their masters, they gain experience.
The more experience they gain, the more levels they acquire as well
as the more developed they become. At levels 10, 20, and 40 your
pet will evolve into a new form of his or her pet type. Pets' levels
and experience save over reboots. If a pet owner wishes to get rid of
his pet, he would only be able to once it is dead.

Syntax for pet commands:
callpet                     summons your pet to you
name             give your pet a unique name
order  to     orders your pet to do regular commands
order  to hprep        view what shape your pet is in
order  to autohp         auto report hp/sp to you
order  to wimpy         set pet's wimpy to percent
order  to autoattack     when on, your pet will assist you

order  to score repto         view your pet's score

To see which pets are in which domain's pet shops: help petshops

To see pets' end stages: help evolves

To see locations of a few major pet shops: help shops