Lost Wishes Help Files

In a small room in the town hall under the fountain in Windaria, there
are many character alterations that you can make. Each change comes at
a price, although some prices are higher than others.

rebirth: During the process of rebirthing, all of your character's stats
are re-rolled to match your current guild and race. Although the stats
are partially randomized, it makes it as if you had been your race and
guild for your entire life.

changerace: Race changing allows you to become a new race if
for whatever reason you would favor a new one over your current one.

changegender: Fairly self-explanatory.

changedomain: Allows you to change the domain at which you login after
quitting or reboot. (See also: help homedomain)

clearname: Allows you to clear your character's current last name.

degenerate: Allows you to lower your character's level for any reason
you wish.

Also, for donators, race change and rebirth packs can be purchased at
the Donator Hut on Central.