Lost Wishes Help Files

This is a mud wide scavenger hunt, for all levels of players. You don't have
to worry about higher level players having the advantage over you, because
each persons list of objects to find is level based. So we encourage you all
to play. The instructions are basic:

1)      You must locate a scavenger list dispenser and type 'start scavenger <$$$>'
2)      The <$$$> is the amount of gold you wish to wager on the hunt.
        You may wager 10000 gold for every 10 levels. Your prize is based
        on your wager.
3)      OK! By now you should be carrying a scavenger sack (if not you
        haven't followed the instructions very well have you?) On your sack
        is a list of objects which you must find, type 'read list'.
4)      The objects on your list can be found randomly on the mud. If you
        have LOTS of explorers points this should be easy, cause you know
        the mud well eh?
5)      There are 25 items on your list, however you only need 20 to finish
        the hunt. However, don't expect this is an easy way to finish fast
        cause maybe.. there is a bonus for getting them all, or maybe not.
6)      Once you have all of the objects, return here to finish the hunt.
        Type 'finish scavenger'. At which time you will be instructed to put
        sack in dispenser. Don't worry though, maybe you will get your stuff
        back MUAH!
7)      GO DOIT NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!
8)      You have 3 hours to complete the hunt.