Lost Wishes Help Files

Appropriate Behavior on Public Lines

Because Lost Wishes has players from every age group and background, we
request that when using the public chat lines (including guild lines) that 
people behave appropriately. Inappropriate behavior includes swearing,
being abusive to other players, making crude or sexual comments and whatever
other messages that may be deemed in bad taste*. If a player fails to
conduct himself properly on a comm line, he will first be warned and then
silenced or worse. Silence times will vary depending on the nature of the
offense, as well as the other penalties.

These rules apply for ALL of the following:
names (login, last name and comm name), boats, pets, finger information and plans.

Private lines such as team and clan are not subject to these rules.

* - Note: Although most of Madmax's jokes are terrible, they do
not fall within this category.