Lost Wishes Help Files

You have found the one and only Lost Wishes Mud. Since 1995, we have been keeping
people like you off the streets.

Lost wishes has everything you have been looking for in a mud, but have never 
been able to find in one place. An original code base supports a truly amazing 
mudding experience. New players can begin their experience in Mud School, where 
12 grades of step by step tutorial make you a mudding pro in no time. Once out, 
explore the four huge domains, encompassing over 20,000 original rooms. Esdragen 
is a massive land of light and dark, past and future. Mainland is home to the 
bustling City of Windaria, set against a backdrop of deserts, mountains, and 
plains. Emerald is the sparkling jewel of a continent as its name implies, but 
along with the wondrous beauty there is much that is evil. Although Nautica is 
itself an island, it also is composed of countless islands throughout the world. 
To explore the lands separated by seas, you can charter a ferry, rent, or even 
own, one of the variety of boats.

Before setting out too far, join one of more than a dozen of our original guilds, 
each with something different to offer. Whether you wish to be a powerful mage,
a rock hard gargoyle or a top notch warrior, we have guilds suited to these (and 
many, many more) styles! Add to that fully customizable player creation that lets 
you choose from one of nearly twenty different races. There is no maximum level 
which means you can play until your heart's content. Tons of colorful weapons, 
equipment, and other useful items await your discovery. And there are plenty of 
quests throughout the four domains that can bring you fame and fortune for more 
than just killing.

What really makes Lost Wishes special is the people that inhabit it. Although 
role playing is acceptable here, it is neither required nor enforced, so if you 
want to assume your character's persona or just want to be yourself, you will be 
welcome. The atmosphere is very open and friendly, so you can make friends, join 
a clan, or even party with people to kill things. And while there is almost always 
a trivia game or chat going on, you can turn off comm lines if you wish. Even 
though the mud doesn't endorse PK, there are simulated PK areas like the arena, or 
the Dark Realm, if that strikes your fancy.

Lost Wishes is a huge world, and is getting bigger all of the time. We invite you 
to check out our website at http://lost.wishes.net for more information, or just 
go ahead and connect to see what we're all about!